Saturday, May 01, 2004

It's so hard to say

Well I'm bringing my time in G. R. to a close tomorrow and believe me it defintely wasn't long enough. I had a great time catching up with my family and friends, but I didn't get to see the ones I saw long enough and I didn't even get to see quite a few people I really needed to. We had some awesome time with the pink panther and fam the last two days, and there is so much more to come I'm sure. The lady and I got to see my sis in law play some sweet softball, but only for a few minutes and then it was off to the head detective's casa for a gander at his brand new offspring. She is a very sweet little girl and "dad" is completely taken by her and is going to be a push over, no doubt about it. Then we went out with the lady's side of the fam and celebrated my brother in law getting his drivers license, clear the side walks and then don't make him parallel park (just kidding he's ok part of the time).

I spent a lot of time reviewing the last year of my life and evaluating the good the bad and the better than. I know that God has blessed me with an amazing wife and great friends and family that are so supportive of my crazy dreams. I've learned so much about God, ministry, and the power of relationships from so many great people at Metro. I can definitely look back and see how awesome God is for bringing me to Metro and teaching me through so many different avenues and so many different people. I know that the pink panther and I are preparing to start a journey that will most defintely change our lives and I am so grateful that God orchestrated our relationship and I'm grateful now for what is to come. I know the Gaucho and I have many many more days ahead of us in the weight room together, dreaming up crazy things for the kingdom and pretending we are body builders while we do it. I look forward to checking in with J-town to hear all about what God is doing at Metro and to make sure he hasn't hired Stryper to lead worship, it wouldn't have been cool even in the 80's pal I promise. Shout outs to the heroes of mine, Jerica, oak tree and stars, the Driver you know where you belong, SW1 you are God's masterpiece and you can be a partner in minitsry and in life with me forever. Real Life and Fuel, please dream in ways that are outside reality, so that God always has a home there. Good night and God bless.

goodbye to yesterday
Wallace D.

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