Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday snow

For some crazy reason I feel very incomplete without a nap on Sunday, maybe it's a psycological thing or maybe it's the week caught up. All I know is there is nothing sweeter than falling asleep on the couch for a good half hour and waking up to TLC or Home and Gardens network on (oh wait that's what happens when my wife takes the controller while I am asleep and summons satan with that horrible crap of tv). It's actually the best when the NFL is in season, then I can fall asleep with the idea the Lions might win and wake up to them sucking turf and falling apart as usual.

Moving on, Core Focus as well as Cession were cancelled due to all kinds of beautiful snow (that is sarcasm, snow sucks and is only good for winter retreats, and I believe that Hell is a place of constant snow and you have to always shovel and drive behind the elderly and women... for ETERNITY!!!) For all female readers, please don't be offended, I speak the truth in love! Anyway, I have wandered up to the Haven's Panera for some hazlenut coffee and an apple danish, which is a little piece of heaven (as you can see my theology of heaven and hell are quite deep and very studied). I'm really enjoying the read, 'Future Church' by Jim Wilson (check out sweet site added to Library at left) it has so many great stories of people planting churches, losing churches, and all the pain and suffering as well as rewards of being apart of the future church. Before I sign off I wanted to mention that I watched Braveheart last night for the first time in a few years, and I was reminded why it is the greatest movie ever.

Wallace D.

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