Monday, March 07, 2005

Hoosier time

Sarah and I went down to the land of Hoosier's for a time of hanging with some great friends. We spent Friday night and the first bit of Saturday with some of Sarah's Taylor friends and then we spent the rest of the weekend with our good friends the Seftons (Jay & Erica). It was a great time and I was really encouraged and challenged in my time with Jay, as we talked through life and our journey's to this point. Jay and I have a heap in common (Him and Erica married a month before us, love of basketball, and ministering to teens to name the biggies) and we always just have a great time hanging out and giving our wives a rough time. Sarah and I had the opportunity to watch Jay coach, as his b-ball team had a game Saturday night. Hoosier basketball is for real, and they take it VERY SERIOULSLY it, so it was really awesome to watch and see how they approach the game. You would have never guessed it was a high school game, that is for sure, they are so focused, disciplined, and very composed. Then we took in the church they've been apart of for the last several weeks and the speaker and message were so powerful and passion filled, it was really enjoyable. Then we sat in on their small group on Sunday night which was a really great time as well, all in all we had a great weekend and we are so very thankful for the Seftons and their friendship.

It did seem though as if we were gone for a long time, at least to me, and I really missed being apart of the gatherings and being apart of Cession. I have a really hard time missing Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and pretty much any day that takes me away from life together. But I also enjoy the reflection time on what we have and how amazing the community of people we live with are. I come home feeling so extremely grateful for the friends and community of believers we get to share daily life with and how powerful living life together is. Obviously the underlining staple in it all is our great God knitting us all together, and then transforming us through the lives of those around us. My eyes were open to all that God has blessed us with and all that He has been doing. So with that, it felt really awesome to dive into MOTO tonight and just be apart of the great stuff that God is doing in our lives and the lives of those around us. We serve a beautiful and creative God and I am living giddy!

is hoops time,
Wallace D.

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