Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I won the lottery!!

I do not even the play the lottery, but it's fun to think of people quick reading on to see what happens next. We love to win, I love to win, sports and winning has been a huge part of my life. I love sports, well the real ones anyway, basketball, football, baseball (softball), and that very well could be it. Yes there are other sports, but not including Nascar, horseracing, golf, and CHEERLEADING! But within competition there is something I don't like so much, losing, and sadly there is almost always a loser. With this comes anger, bitterness, jealousy, the demoralizing feeling of inadequecy. In fact just the mentioning of the things I don't consider sports, some of you got angry and defensive, which leads to harsh language directed towards the computer, which I can't hear through, so save the yelling my friend. Unfortunately we involve this in matters of religion, "We win everyone else loses." It's not my place to say what exactly happens come end times, but while we're here and now, I'm not a fan of dubbing someone a loser. Maybe it's because we weren't allowed to call anyone a loser in our family growing up, or maybe because it's got to do with that Jesus guy? Read it again, because I didn't call those non-sports losers, I just said they weren't sports, hmmm... spinning things and manipulation, a couple of other things that seem to...

Wallace D.