Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Softball blues

We got stomped yesterday in softball, and I mean stomped! It was only frustrating for the first inning, for the most part, because it was pretty much over after that. It was still nice to get out and play, if that's what we are calling our sad display of softball. In other news, Sarah and I moved into an apartment this past weekend and her parents were able to give us our new bed (Sarah's graduation gift). So we finally got to sleep without waking up and feeling like very old people with very sore backs. Anyway we are hoping to stay in the apartment until we figure out our long term finances and prayerfully get into a house.

Even with a new bed I haven't been able to sleep much, my head is quite full (of what is yet to be determined) and my heart has been quite heavy. I had a crazy dream the other night and it has been haunting me, because it has proven to be right on with the way I have been feeling. I suppose it's just one of those wilderness times and I'm in a place of being stretched and pulled, which usually leads to a more free heart. I leave with a couple of thoughts by Leonard Sweet that have been squeezing me: "At the most basic level, of course, your life can be considered "life" and not simply existence because of a relationship with God. And what would become of faith if there were no relationship? The Christian faith is built on the multiplicity and complexity of relationships: God to God, God to human, human to human, human to creation, God to creation. Why would Jesus sacrifice his body and his life for a people that he knew nothing about and cared nothing for? Faith is consistently defined in scripture, at base, as a set of trust relationships - with God, with neighbor, with the world, with creation. In the ancient world, faith did not mean subscribing to the convictions of theology; it meant living in the confidence of relationships. Faith in God is a relationship involving all of who you are and all that is around you. Faith is a lived encounter, a relationship of truth with the divine."

Giddy up!
Wallace D.

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