Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Catch up

The last several months has seen Moto move locations, partner with others and been a place of surrender to “whatever you are doing God, keep doing ” moments. We spent a conversation series reading through the Old Testament and talking about the history of our faith and how God has written, and continues to write His story on our hearts and through our lives. And we are currently working on unpacking our ‘Relational Suitcase,’ where we often find ourselves within our relationship with God and others. So often we will give God and others just a little bit of ourselves, maybe just enough to like us or to keep them from not liking us. And what happens is we miss out on a whole, authentic relationship in which we can be who God created us to be and we begin to hide little things, big things, and we find ourselves living out of a relational suitcase that keeps us from claiming a home. In this conversation series we are unpacking our relationships with God, our parents, siblings, friends and our “neighbor.”

We’ve also been playing a game called, ‘616-fone-a-fam,’ where we draw a student’s name out of a hat and then ask them three pretty general questions about themselves like, “what is your favorite song, movie, etc…” Then we call up mom or dad and see if they can match answers with their student, and if they do then there is a cash prize that awaits them. If they don’t match all three answers we add five dollars to the jackpot and dial it up the following week. And on January 30, Cassidy Elzinga and her mom Wendy matched all three answers and created a raucous celebration within Moto, as she walked away with the $40 jackpot! So we say congratulations to Cassidy and her mom, and now look to start a new pot and see where it heads to next. Within this fun it was our hope that students and parents would strike up conversations about the everyday things in their life, which would lead to an opportunity for students and parents to “unpack” within their relationships. We’ve heard of students writing lists for mom and dad to memorize or at least put them by the phone so they are ready for that Moto phone call. And in a great conversation with a mom I was told, “My daughter came home and said, mom we need to talk, and she went ahead and started rattling off all the favorites, non-favorites, and anything else she could think of.” And this mom said it was so funny, and also so great because, “I knew what was going on here and I think it is awesome.” It is our prayer that relationships will start, grow, heal and begin to experience a life of wholeness, which starts with our relationship with God. When unpacked, this first relationship can lead to a life that is awakened to wholeness and a fullness that is unmatched by anything this world has to offer.

Wallace D.


amelia said...

I love the phonecall game! What a fantastic idea!! Glad to hear things are going well up there!

Jenna Lynne E. Deckert said...

Yay Cassidy Elzinga & her mom Wendy! That's my niece & my sister-in-law :)

weniki93 said...

Hey Wally,
We had so much fun with Fon-a fam.
Although you guys were tricky and had Cassidy answer questions about me! You all are doing a great job with Moto, pass that info to others involved, I caught the last part of your speaker tonight, when I came in to pick up Cassidy and could you just let him know he did a really good job! Wendy

Nate said...


I like that game to bro - we use it all the time in our ministry too bro! We don't do it as creative as you, but the students love it!


Wallace D. said...

We're having fun and getting ready to leap into the dating game this week and then off to Spring Hill.

Jenna- It is so awesome to have Cassidy and her mom enjoying Moto/Watermark.

Amelia - Please send sun and feel free to bring your husband and adorable TODDLER girl with you!