Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The heart of the Moto Nation

What an awesome weekend we had at Spring Hill and then capping it off with a buzz filled Moto Monday last night. Lots of laughs and great memories made over the weekend as 900+ middle schoolers gathered at Spring Hill to be who they are and continue to become who God has designed them to become. Then we continued our Relational Suitcase conversation last night as our good friend Jeremy Krueze chatted with us about the importance of having God honoring and serving friendships. An epic battle of chicken in the henhouse, classic fone-a-fam, and then some hilarious highlights from our dating week spun things out of control. Our Goat News cast could barely hold it together as they delivered a Roach inspired news segment that filled the air with... something memorable. At the very least, the past few days will have changed my life and I'm sure will leave a lasting impression on many students just within the laughter and smiles that cannot be measured. Each week at the Moto nation life seems to take on a new flavor and last night, for some unexplainable reason, will be etched into my memory for a very long time. I couldn't sit still and I couldn't stop smiling, laughing and enjoying the unmatched passion that middle schoolers have for life.

God is so good and it was one of those extended moments where time stands still and God cannot be put into words. There is a sense of awe, wonder and an internal knowing that life is God breathed. There is no one like You!

Wallace D.

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