Saturday, August 12, 2006

The week that was

This week went by ridiculously fast and there doesn't seem like there was any details to it, just event to event. I had a great time spending the day with my man Mike Edwards on Monday, which would be nice to do much more often and hopefully we can find a system that makes that happen. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday the Watermark staff had an advance where we tried to pinpoint some key things for the next several months, so those days flew by. Then Thursday I went to a prophetic healing conference with Thomps and Deurty, which has been interesting and something new for all of us. I missed the first two sessions of it yesterday because I was back at Panera after a week off last week while teaching at the summer camp. After some time off at Panera I was able to make some keen observations about my time there, but nothing needing of download here, but definitely something that will sit within my soul. We have a couple sessions left today with the conference and then Sunday will be here. Some of the healing prophetic stuff is very interesting and eye opening, and some of it makes me cringe a bit with skepticism. That was my week not really in a nutshell, but pretty much all of it. You know how there is room for details or little things like phone calls, stopping at the gas station for a drink before hitting the next destination, or watching a little bit of tv before hitting the hay? Well there was none of that this week, I literally went from point A to point B and didn't have any small detail moments, which is just sort of weird.

So Monday I am off, I am taking the day to read, write, pray and think about nothing and everything. My mind needs a wave of wandering and my body needs some rest (oh I did forget to say that I finished ripping up the dining room floor in my time in between Panera and the evening session last night. That is a detail I want to forget because my back is destroyed and my hamstrings are numb, so I'm pretending that didn't happen). I want to spend a good amount of time in prayer on Monday as I have a lot to be praying about heading into the fall. It is my prayer that this will be a huge year of change for me, that who I am will start to line up with what I am doing. Or better said, that what I am doing is worked out of who God has made me to be. I am tired my friends and there is an unexplainable tension inside me that feels like a virus that is trying to keep me from living. I am praying that I will be able to answer the simple question, "What do you do?" I had two people yesterday tell me they had concern for me, not because of anything I said or did, but just by looking at me from afar. I was confused by the comments and then worried. One person I know casually and the other knows me all to well, but both noticed the same vibe. There is an incredible song by Colin Hay entitled, "I'm waiting for my real life to begin," and I know that day is coming for me and I am praying for it to come soon. And if it does not, I will spend an enormous amount of money on drugs and counseling!

The giddy is on the way up
Wallace D.

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