Monday, October 09, 2006

Getting somewhere

Since Sarah and I have moved into our first house back in late May we have been swinging hammers, sanding floors, and painting everything in sight. And now it feels like some good progress has occurred and I believe it's time for a break to enjoy what has been done. We recently finished putting a new floor on the front porch, painted and set up my office, put a laminate flooring in the back entrance of the house, and as of yesterday we now have a sanded and ready to be polyurothaned dining room floor. After six hours of Jeff Wolf and I sucking down all kinds of flying dust, we finished the dining room floor and if we can find our way through the dust covered house we will put an end to the dining room this week. The floor looks great, but Jeff and I basically feel as if we smoked four packs of cigarettes and drank crushed glass after breathing in all the dust from the sanding. Masks you ask, oh we had them, but they sat on the counter until some friends and our wives pointed out that they need to be on our faces to actually work. So we put them on for the last hour and a half, but the damage to the body was pretty much in place by that time. Since Sarah and I are having my family to our place for Thanksgiving this year, we feel like the house should resemble a standing clean house by then, and hopefully we can just sit and enjoy some of the hard work that's been put into it. Although, Sarah does have a hard time sitting down and really doesn't like to relax like a normal person, so there is a good chance I will come home to a knocked down wall or some other room torn up one day.

In other news, I have been enjoying my homiletics class quite a bit and I really love learning how I can be a better communicator, to whoever wants to listen to me ramble about everything and nothing. I was worried that the three hour class would drag and I would be bitter about missing Grey's Anatomy , but the class cruises by and the learning and discussion of communicating has far out weighed the entertainment of TV to this point. Moto is in full swing now and we are in the middle of coaching football, so the schedule is more than packed full of meetings, practices, and gatherings. I've been trying to secure Friday mornings and as much of Saturday as I can for down time and trying to rest. It's been alright so far, but there is always one more thing to do or something that just won't allow me to completely get away, but it's the American way to always be doing something right? I haven't had the time I would like to write and read, but I have been jotting notes on some different writings I will get to soon, maybe not here, but ones for the long haul any way. I will note that the Catalyst conference down in Atlanta has once again come and gone, and I didn't get to go. I found out that Shane Claiborne did a breakout session on Mission, so that made it even more of a bummer, but hopefully I will get my hands on some cd's or dvd's from the conference so as to ease the sting of not going. I love the learning experience of good conferences, but I think the getting away from the day-to-day with some friends or a team is easily the best part about it. So that is an update on life in Wally's world, nothing profound, but I am having some good wrestling matches in my soul, and I'm finding that I am not completely crap at doing some handy work. So I say smile, take a deep breath, and praise our Creator who continues to create in us new and beautiful beings.

Wallace D.


Ken Korpi said...

Wally, I miss you and can't wait to see you. The house sounds cool. Can't wait to see it. Love you bro. Later.

Redpiper said...

Thanks for the post! I enjoy your positive words!

Wallace D. said...

Ken, I miss you to, I would love to be able to get out to Cali to see you. Especially since we got snow today, freakin snow already! I'm anxious to hear how the musical is going and how Pepperdine is treating you.

Piper, thanks for the encouragement, I love writing, even if is just the day to day. Hopefully I'll make time for unloading a bunch of the stuff I've been journaling on and scratching notes about. Life is full of learning and everyday I learn just a little bit more. Being at Northpoint, I bet you have the opportunity to grab some cd's or dvd's on the Catalyst conference, I highly encourage you to.

Redpiper said...


The bookstore at North Point totally sucks me in! I LOVE it! There are so many great resources. I could see myself just spending all day looking around at stuff. I'll check it out this week to see if the Catalyst stuff is there. Anything in particular I should be looking for? I like recommendations.

Colleen (a.k.a. redpiper)

Wallace D. said...


Any chats by Shane Claiborne, Donald Miller, and Erwin McManus have got to be wins. I'm sure I'd often lose track of time in the bookstore there, and probably lose my wallet as well. Enjoy and let me know if you find some good catalyst stuff.

Redpiper said...

Thanks! I'll check it out in the morning!

mel capra said...

dang, that must be some class, if you don't even care about missing Grey's Anatomy.