Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So dang close

Tomorrow is my last homiletics class and then no more papers, interviews, or critiques of preaching. I wrapped up my big pastoral interview yesterday with Dennis Jackson of Spring Lake Wesleyan church, and he was very gracious in sharing his communication run down. Now I just have to type up my 3-4 page paper on the interview and I'll be all set for class tomorrow.

Sarah and I went to Lansing to meet up with a couple that we got to share life when we were in the downriver, and had a great time. We had some lunch, walked around a mall, and then went and saw 'The Prestige," which was a great movie. I would say that we need more quality movies like this made, rather than the 100 crap movies for every 1 good movie we've got going on currently. Any way, we enjoyed spending time with our friends and look forward to them welcoming their first little munchkin in the next two weeks.

While we were walking around the mall I found a replica William Wallace sword, which would absolutely be perfect in my office to help complete the classic Hollywood feel I am going for. I figure if I could put that on a plaque that sits above the Braveheart poster, which I've got to get yet, then I'll officially have the sweetest office in the world, according to the Wally sweetness report. I'm also on the hunt for a theatrical release poster of the 'Wizard of Oz,' as this would be a part of my poster collection. I found a good one at the Suncoast store, so if nothing else better comes along, I definitely could snatch that one up. So that is my office nonsense update that you all have been begging for.

With that bit of random and worthless knowledge, I am now off to the pizza ranch for an all you can eat buffet of chicken, pizza, and cactus bread that will make me hate myself in about two hours. Hopefully some bigger and better thoughts coming soon.

Wallace D.


Redpiper said...

personally, i enjoyed this post! I saw the replica of the William Wallace statue in the UK not too long ago...the one that looked like Mel Gibson!
Love the Wizard of Oz - it was on ALL weekend!
Love pizza.
I haven't seen The Prestige, but heard great reviews.

Wallace D. said...

The William Wallace statue that looks like Mel, that is funny! I was so excited for the Wizard of Oz this past weekend. A friend and I were comparing family rituals we did as kids that centered around the one night each year they would show the movie!