Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Book News

So I heard from two publishers today, which both had relatively good news. The big publisher has read over what I have sent them, which was the majority of my book, and the editor was really encouraging and helpful. He gave me some advice on where to tweak some things, shared his favorite parts and instructed me on where I could lean into things some more. He mainly told me to crank out some more writing and then get it back to him so we can move to the next step, so it was pretty good stuff. The other publisher only had a sample of my work, and from what they read they now have requested the entire manuscript with an author bio and any kind of cover ideas I might have ( I wish I had a complete manuscript and some cover ideas!!). More than anything I'm feeling like I need about a month to get away and just concentrate on writing, editing, and moving towards a finished product that I feel good about. Reality says I can occasionally have one day a week for writing, so I guess I'll go from there. Panera won't give me insurance if I don't work there and no one has volunteered to finance me and my family so I can just write ( What's up with that?... Heavy sarcasm).

Someday is somewhere
Wallace D.


KayMac said...

How encouraging!

Mike Willis said...

Dude, i will finance you! Where do i write the check (Heavy Sarcasm)!