Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Check it out

When Sarah and I were on the other side of the state we met some great friends, Jay and Erica Sefton, and they introduced us to another great couple, Brad and Shalin Gray. Brad has been working on his master's degree at Western Theological Seminary in Holland and he has been interning at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville. A few weeks back I had talked at Moto about learning to suffer with and suffer for others, as a way of serving them with the love of Christ. Well Brad recently spoke at Mars on this subject, and he shares some of his and Shalin's life in such a powerful and gut wrenching way, and he unpacks some awesome insight on what it looks like to suffer with and suffer for others. I highly encourage you to check out his message, which you can get from Mars' website. The message is called "When You Can't Go On," by Brad Gray, and it's from the March 28th gathering.

Grace & Peace
Wallace D.

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Musical Smartypants said...

Hi Wally!!

Im still alurkin in the shadows of your blog readin away. If you ever stop by my blog (sardonnica.blogspot.com) you will notice it is no longer there. I had some problems (read: stalkers) and had to change it. It is now musicalsmartypants.blogspot.com.

Thanks and keep bloggin homie.

Love ya,
Sara Dally