Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here we go!

So the first three weeks are in the books for little Sawyer Dale Harrison, and we've already had our first big timeout. He got his first hickey, on his forearm, which he said he did himself when he was hungry. But after I caught him trying to sneak out the window a few nights ago, and finding a devious little two year old girl hanging out on the front porch, I had my suspicions. She said she was lost but the small little shirt that said princess on it, and her pink fluffy diaper told me she was out to corrupt my boy. Sawyer said he was just going for a walk, but I wasn't buying it and so I gave him a timeout. Three week old kids can be trouble, but I think he'll calm down a bit before he hits a month in age.

The fun is just beginning
Wallace D.


Steve Deur said...

Hey there little buddy!

Wallace D. Harrsion said...

I got my ghetto blaster and my freaks of the industry cassette all cued up, so do you want to cause a ruckus Willem?

Second generational Freak

C-Man said...

missed you dude! becca and i were in GH and did the watermark thang. we were looking forward to meeting the little guy. Maybe next trip.

glad things are going well. remember if you are going to hit the baby use a phone book, doesn't leave a mark.