Thursday, October 11, 2007

Writer's conference & Pumpkin Pete

After opening Panera tomorrow and pushing the bread for a few hours, I will escape to a writer's conference that is being held in Grand Haven this weekend. I am really excited for a few of the workshops that are being held, as well as being able to hob nob with some well to do writers. This is the first year of this particular gathering in Grand Haven, which is put on by writers for writers, so it has all the good stuff. The person who turned me on to the conference is leading a couple of the workshops and she said she would help me with a few things with my book, as well as hook me up with some folks who can make things happen. So here's praying for some really good progress with my book moving forward!!

The Deep is moving forward as well, check us out in the church-learning section to your right. We have a couple of big weeks staring us in the face, so be in prayer as the adventure moves forward. We will be putting on a trunk or treat giddy up for families in the Muskegon/Norton Shores /Heights community and then launching our first preview gathering the next day. You can get all the info and sign up to have your ride truly TRICKED OUT and hang with us as we pass out candy and sing songs about witches and devils. Ok, so we probably won't sing songs about witches and devils, but I will find a way of entertaining people with my new Halloween character Pumpkin Pete the lost cousin of Slippery Pete. I don't care for the name either, but Bob Saccamano won the bet and so he was rewarded "name the new character" honors.

Stay safe and don't eat the lobster,
Wallace D.


Michael said...

Why can't I eat the lobster?

What if I want to eat the lobster!

Wallace D. Harrsion said...

It wouldn't be kosher, and I'm pretty sure Kramer pulled them in from someone else's lobster traps.

Steve Deur said...

hope you have some helpful connections with the book...