Monday, November 19, 2007

Day one of Freedom & Reflection

So today is really the first day of my freedom from Panera, being that the weekend was pretty much a standard weekend. I began to feel, from the inside out, the difference last night. I did not begin to prepare myself, both mentally and physically, for getting up in the middle of the night for a ten+ hour day of bread running. I slept in until 6:30 and then began my day with quiet reading, tasty coffee, and healthy work for me. I have amassed so much learning in my 3+ years at Panera, but I would like to have my first retake be of the most common of observations.

How many napkins do you need to get you through the meal? I will give you 3, maybe 4 if you order one of the very few menu items that is a little bit more messy. So what is with 25-30 napkins piled high onto the table? At the end of the meal you have half scattered under the table and the other half possibly left for others to play with? I'm assuming there is an eatery, I have yet to visit, where they just give you a live animal, which you then have to kill and use the excessive napkins to soak up the blood? This is just one small way in which the human mind seems to disappear when entering a public place to eat. Someone decides to bring the newspaper into the restroom for comfort reading while discarding waste, which I fully understand. So logically, when finished, you should take the newspaper and jam it into the hole in the toilet? I have only eaten half of my bowl of soup, my sandwich filled me up, this I can understand. Should I assume that the half eaten broccoli cheddar bowl, with some other random treats in it now, should be left next to the soda fountain machine? I guess those bins clearly labeled trash, trays, and silver ware, are for something completely different. The large cardboard box with Christmas decorations on it labeled TOYS FOR TOTS, is in fact just a cover up for your used cups and for you to dump the rest of your coffee into. I'm sure the tots will fully appreciate your generous donation. Please don't feel embarrassed about your child all but urinating on the table, and then letting them wander off unsupervised so they can stick their chewed up goldfish crackers in the microwave. I have in fact spent the day away from my son so I can watch yours destroy everything in his path, as well as dump a half box of cheerios on the floor and then stomp them into the carpet. And yes, the menu display on your table is actually for your straw wrappers and used napkins, sorry if you confused it for information on the new products we have baked for you.

I have compiled quite a comedy routine from these happenings and many more that has entertained my friends, family, and fellow associates in the last few weeks of employment. But it is also a very sad reality that should be a bit embarrassing, don't you think?

More to come
Wallace D.

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