Friday, October 03, 2008

Lost and Found

The more and more I get lost in the scriptures the more and more I seem to be finding myself. I find myself when I get lost giving myself away. I have bounced around churches, serving in ministry for the last 13 years and have wrestled with what God might have for me. I have never been more uncomfortable and comfortable than I am right now. Uncomfortable in that each day is new, fresh with God doing something that pushes me and He cuts through my heart with the needs of others. And yet comfortable with a faith family that craves that sort of faith adventure, and they embrace me in a way I have never been embraced. Whatever box I have previously found myself in, it has been torn down and I feel free. God has stretched me and I have found new strands of my being. I can feel tomorrow being shaped and I am beginning to see what could be. It's humbling and refreshing.

Grace & Peace
Wallace D.

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