Monday, November 10, 2008


Over the last couple of months the deep and Lakeshore community church went on an adventure together, wondering if God would do exponentially more with the two becoming a more substantial ONE. Our journey to this point has landed us together and we are now ecclesia: the cross in action. The term ecclesia is Greek for: the church, or a gathering of the called out, which we felt captured what was at the core of who we are becoming. We spent this past weekend doing an ABCD training, which is Asset Based Community Development. This maps the community in which we participate, and asks questions about what the community is like, what sorts of things they do like and what they want to see changed. But it is not for us to come in and "fix" things, but ask the community what their gifts and passions are, and invite them to partner with us in uniting the community anew. It was a fascinating couple of days and taking some time on Saturday to walk the neighborhood and knock on doors was quite a learning experience. So with that, the journey takes on all new challenges and many more adventures to come. There is no way anyone could have guessed that within the first year of our planting that SO much would be flipped upside down and inside out. God continues to amaze and befuddle me with His grace and sense of humor. Be on the lookout for a new website coming down the line,, and feel free to join us in this grand adventure that God continues to create and expand. We gather at Muskegon Catholic Central High School, 10:30am Sunday mornings, and we are looking to slide into our own space in the next couple of months just a half mile around the corner from the school, right smack dab in the middle of the Nims neighborhood. ALWAYS something crazy and exciting going on with ecclesia!

A wind of change is a blowin
Wallace D.

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