Wednesday, August 05, 2009


In the previous post you can read some of my queries, frustrations and wonderings, but here I just simply ask a couple things:

What is a Christian?

What is the church?

The guy/gal walking down the street would recognize this how?

Feel free to probe more of my thoughts in the following post.


Amanda said...

Uncomfortable? Have you met Jesus? Have you read the New Testament? Jesus' intention was never to make people feel 'comfortable.' Quite the opposite, actually. He made people uncomfortable. He WRECKED their lives. 'Come, follow Me,' He commanded. Sell all of your belongings, give them to the poor and don't even tarry to take care of your father's funeral and estate. 'Follow Me.'
Jesus commanded us, His followers, to be discipled, make disciples, feed, clothe, house the hungry and poor. Visit the sick, the imprisoned. To love. Love. Love.
Sometimes loving 'your neighbor' means that you feed and clothe them, or listen to them pour out their heart. And sometimes, it means having a (gentle) but hard conversation that challenges a fellow believer to stretch and grow and go deeper in their relationship to Jesus. Sometimes believers forget that we're ALL missionaries, right? Jesus' mission isn't just for pastors and missionaries. It's for all of us who are believers. Wherever you are THAT is YOUR mission field. I encourage you to make a few visits or phone calls and have some lovingly gentle but firm and challenging conversations!

Wallace D. Harrison said...

Amen and amen!

Jane said...

Rob has talked a lot about this very issue, as you know, and this past week said something that clicked: that too many people are living the "Spontaneous Ejection" version of Christianity. That is, they're only bought in so that "some day" when they "get outta' here," they'll be heading to a better place. Jesus is turned from a social revolutionary, a compassionate helper, someone pushing the envelope--to a life insurance policy.

I think that many people, especially in West Michigan, don't really understand the *complete* message of Jesus. They understand the Gospel message of salvation, which of COURSE is a free and wonderful gift that we should seek to share. But, in sharing this gift, they forego caring for others and doing the dirty work that Jesus commanded us all to join him in doing.

By viewing Heaven as "up there" and not living in such a way as to bring Heaven "down here," seeking to renew [Acts 3:21], restore [MT 19:28, and reconcile [Col 1:19], we miss the point and others suffer.

Good thoughts, Wally. Will we ever see this kind of church on earth? I wonder...


Wallace D. Harrison said...

I listen each week, and Rob's message from the 16th was beautiful, to say the least. I wonder as well, and truly HOPE as well. I have never been a part of something like what we experience within ecclesia, the need is so overwhelming. I was invited to a think tank on September 3rd by one of the pastors from Mars to dream up narrative storytelling/theology for youth ministry I am very much looking forward to that!

Jane said...

I wonder if it was my neighbor? Did someone named Aaron talk to you about the youth thing? Just wondering :) Sounds like a cool opportunity! Congrats!

Wallace D. Harrison said...

Nope. It was Jim Kast Keat. It was a great night of brainstorming and planning.