Friday, April 02, 2010


It's Good Friday, which the name still feels a little colorful for a day that has such a thickness about it. It feels like a powerful inhale of all the assumed ways in which people believed the Messiah would enter, and then didn't. They wanted mighty and powerful, and He came lowly and serving. Ah, but Sunday.


The curtain is torn and New creation is inaugurated . We're invited to dream of a new way and a new day.

I didn't laugh enough this past year. I dream of laughing more.

I dream of God working on me so that my work doesn't own me. I dream that the joy of resurrection will place the defibrillator on my smile. I want to laugh, be silly, and experience the creative spirit that I know is hiding within me.

This Easter, I don't want to just remember resurrection, I want to live it!

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