Saturday, July 16, 2011


There are times when reverse seems like the only gear that works in my mind, and we all know that reverse usually ends with us getting stuck in the mud. But tonight was bit different. Grace has yesterday making tomorrow look really alive.

Typically when I workout or go running, I listen to teachings or audiobooks. Exactly what everyone puts on in order to fire them up to toss around some weights or be pushed that extra mile, right? Well, it works for me and it often fires the creative part of my brain into hight gear. With that said, I was in a feisty (translates to frustrated) mood tonight, and so I put on Bush's Sixteen Stone. That very well may be the exact opposite of N.T. Wright speaking about paradigm shifts in culture and how our eschatology informs our ethics, but it was what I needed tonight.

As "Comedown" was building I felt the scales and shards crumble off my heart. My run started with the memory of that one person saying that one thing to me which ticked me off and how now, years later, I have the perfect comeback. My run ended with thoughts of forgiving that person and tomorrow being full of life, not death. The life in knowing there is now space in my heart and mind for more creativity, more love, which of course means more God.

Less me, or maybe more of the intended me.

I'm positive there will be more N.T.Wright jogs ahead, but well done Bush, it was a nice change of pace.


Cara Maat said...

whats your favorite teaching of all time?

Wally Harrison said...

Either "Barbarian Way" by Erwin McManus (I will see him next month at the Leadership Summit), or "The Importance of Beginning in the Beginning" by Rob Bell a couple years ago. Both amazing. Andy Stanley may just be the most practical teacher there is, so there are several of his messages that land home with me.

And you?