Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Honestly Speaking

Apparently it is very difficult to be honest, if I might speak honestly. Someone has a problem with you, they disagree with your ways, but of course you heard that from someone else. People walk away from jobs, teams, and organizations all while giving the lamest excuses, because speaking the truth means confrontation and confrontation means actually having to engage.

"We want to see change, we want to see things get fixed, and we want to recapture our values."

Ok, great. We can start by engaging those people and organizations that seem to be disappointing us or not meeting expectations.

Change usually doesn't take place if the problem isn't named. If you don't name the problem or actually deal with it, then you have just become a problem yourself.

Can we be honest?

Talk can be cheap, but silence when wanting change is a deficit.

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Cara Maat said...

amen. thanks wally