Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall is up

I love the Fall, it is the absolute best time of year! Let's begin with the basics, I am bald, and so I get to wear hats, which is a way of pretending I have hair to style. Next, jeans and long sleeve shirts, just dang comfortable. I can hear my legs saying, "thank you for hiding us," because I think men's legs are best hidden, from everyone.

Coffee. There really should be nothing left to explain.

New life in death. The summer brightness gives way to the earthy colors, the cool wind seems to be inaugurating a fresh depth of life. The weather leads me to slow down, listen more, and inhale the crackle of Fall's ways. It's time for fireplaces, coffee any time of day, and blankets to enrich the evening slumber.

Finally, it is a time when I feel like I have to write, as if it's in my bones and they are calling to my hands to get writing and typing. Something, anything, just write. My sketch pad and journal seem to sneak out of my bag and crawl up on the table, and they flip open to a fresh page.

The coffee is on, things are looking up for the Fall.


Rob Paterson said...

I miss our fall mornings of coffee and conversations that gave birth to some pretty fantastic ideas, teachings, and entities.

Wally Harrison said...

Ditto my friend!