Thursday, February 05, 2004

Well I had a great day, very full, but great. I really felt our leaders meeting went well, I shared a devotional about discouragement and some ways to combat it. But also that it's a time for God to stretch and grow us. Any way we had a good time planning for the upcoming months and trying to brainstorm some fundraisers (we are crazy broke). It fires me up to see people looking to grow and do life together, and looking at what could and should be.

I had an awesome time meeting with a friend from church for a good chunk of the afternoon (tough work I know) and we just dreamed out loud of what we think God is moving us to become and do for His kingdom. I'd like to think when his dreams become our dreams it turns into some sweet art. Best turn it in or the wife is gonna start throwing things, I'm kidding, sort of.

Grace, Wally

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