Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well it was an interesting day today. We programmed a bunch of stuff, from our next couple of Sundays, into the following series. We have some pretty good ideas and thoughts for dramas, videos, and the such. Now it's a matter of making it happen, which we know is the hard part.

Then I had Fuel tonight and anyone who tells you that j-highers are too crazy for them, well they're right, and what an awesome craziness it is. J-high is so sweet to me, they can be freaked out energy wise one moment and then lock into our God the next. There is NOTHING like seeing yutes party with our God that is for sure!

Also had the opportunity to chat up Jesus at the gym this morning, it was really cool and the guy I shared with is going to bring his wife to "The Passion" so I'm geeked. Why does it seem easier to invite someone to this movie over inviting them to church? Well I'm always looking to learn and grow that's for sure

Well I'm makin like bacon and sizzling the night away (Say What!)


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