Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I had breakfast this morning with the young life director for Monroe county and it was great, we always have a ton to talk about. Then I hit the gym with Mat and we always have great conversations and we have a bunch of the big boys (not as buff as us, yea right!) that we chat with. We are going to each buy them a couple of tickets to the passion movie and just give them to them rather than invite and hope they come along. These guys are movie buffs so I'm sure they'd love to catch a free flik.

Sarah's mom has surgery tomorrow morning in Ann Arbor at 7:30am so send the prayers out if you would. We're going to head up there around noonish and the whole fam is going to be there so it should be good.

Started prepping for the message on Sunday and got the drama all lined up for Sunday morning so I should be able to spend some good time studying the rest of the week. Any way relationships matter most and we're plugging away at them



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