Friday, March 12, 2004

Here comes the

Wow what a day! This morning I studied a bit for this Sunday's Real Life and then took off to a church planting meeting of the minds in Detroit. Harvey Carey done whooped us in th butt when it comes to teaching the word of God and he really shared some great stuff. He spoke last week at the student ministries conference at Willow and the diggity said he was sweet, so I was glad to experience his heart for God today. Then it was getting the knees dirty and looking into the crystal ball to see where the yellow brick road runs. God is amazing in the way he opens doors and orchestrates relationships and life change, I am humbled. The pink panther and I spent some quality time chomping on some chocolate cake and throwing out dreams in front of Jerry and the gang. May his grace flow this weekend and William Hung for President, sorry GW but you can't shake it like a polaroid picture.

Wallace D.

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