Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Jump Jive

What in the world is the dilly yo? Life is full and I know it is too full and I have to be a prayer warrior for God's will to run me over like a mack truck. The pink panther is rolling and it is very exciting to see a trip coming into view, I'm all about that week in the Norcal. I'm not in a place to reveal the deal so I will move on to small groups tonight. First let me say that the diggity keeps me falling into the arms of God and I am humbled to have a friend that is God breathed, thanks pal.

Our group was very locked into what we got into and it was a great feeling listening to them work through the questions and struggles that keep them up at night. I am soo proud of these guys as they are making God their own and falling in love as the relationship progresses. It was just great to be around the yutes tonight and catch up after a week away. I am spent and will interrupt this program so as to catch up with my angel and look to try and sleep, good luck!


Wallace D.

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