Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Maybe this year will be

Well I had a sick day today, so to speak. I woke up and started hammering on my messages for Real Life and Fuel, but by a little after noon I was in bed and down for the count. The lady pampered me a bit before she went to class and then I eventually made it back to the drawing board of studying. Besides my head feeling like it weighs 50 lbs I'm getting by and had message prep on the schedule for most of the day any way. I did miss out on small groups though and that sucks, because I love getting together with the fellas and being apart of story telling, sorry guys.

As you can see I finally got to adding some giddy to the blog, just some simple links, but in the words of James Brown, I feel good huh! I also got to catch up with the family's blog's, you go on with your bad self Kedron (sorry no code name, it's just too cool to rename), inspiring no doubt.

Got some sweet appointments tomorrow, some breakfast with the pink panther and then on to attempt to lift with the Gaucho, to a late lunch with The Driver. BIG ol weekend ahead, hanging with our life after marriage pals up north at a friends cottage/cabin. Gitchy Gitchy ya ya ya ya, it'll be sweet I'm sure, but I best shut it down as I see the mind is not in full working capacity.

better than the last
Wallace D.

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