Thursday, March 25, 2004

It was a

Sweet day today, Thursday always seem to be. It looks like Thursdays are popular in the land of bloggers as well. Grabbed some Breakfast with the pink panther, which was just great as usual. We chatted life and dreamed of the good life, health, ministry, growth, and all the things I think friends ought to be about. Hit the weights with the Gaucho and got crazy throwing the big stuff around like we're tuff (we've got great imaginations any way). Then I came home and my message just came pouring out for Real Life, it was nothing less than a big fat God moment, for shizzle. Inspired by the great Switchfoot (A Beautiful Letdown) which tags with what we are tackling this final week of our love/dating/sex series (got to know where the identity is at).

Then grabbed a late snack with the Driver and that was plain and simply a work of art, there is no doubt a dream team in the works. We threw everything out from the upcoming conference, to truth, to what the church could and should be (you are an inspiration and push me in life my man). Then I grabbed a few moments with the lady before finishing the night off with some b-ball in Hoodhaven. The Driver and the oak tree hit the court with me and boy am I out of shape, it's funny how lifting weights doesn't make me run fast or jump at all. In fact I would settle with running period and lifting my feet off the floor an inch. Got to love just moving with the fellas and getting out with the street ballers, it's a different world no doubt and a great sharing ground. Well I'm grabbing some more breakfast at Bob Evans with the panther tomorrow, bright and early, maybe that will be our new hang out. More dreaming and doing life, then off with the lady to our marriage group up north, giddy up!

Beautiful letdown
Wallace D.

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