Monday, March 22, 2004

A Revolutionary

Well it was Monday today, that I am sure, that's about all I can say for sure. Good news on the taxes, we don't have to pay as much as we thought and what our tax guy told us, thanks Uncle Sam you're not to bad I suppose. Guess what we can do with the money saved, how about fix our car and minivan, just what I had in mind (butthole vehicles). We did some planning on Trading Spaces and it seems to be looking good, but again now we have to make our paper work come alive, that's the challenge. I am very jonesing for the Thirsty conference next week and I can't wait just for the worship by David Crowder, in my mind he has his hand on the real deal.

Fuel was ok tonight, saw some people engaged in authentic worship and saw some slipping into apathy before my very eyes. I think it's time for a breath of freshness in the j-highers, but what that looks like, I'm not sure as of now. A lot on my mind, the pink panther I'm dreaming and praying for the should and could be a lot right now, California freedom, sleep, and when will Seinfeld be out on dvd. I'd like to read a bit before sleep comes calling so I best wrap up the thinker on the computer and move it to literature, there is this neat book called the Bible, it's been humbling me lately, you dig?

Love love love
Wallace D.

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