Monday, March 15, 2004

Sing us a song

I am simply exhausted, but of course I will continue to not get sleep because that would only make sense and we can't have that (sarcasm is neat). Fuel was crazy tonight, 26 yutes and a hand full of leaders made it a tight fit in the basement, but it was a wild night. The students very much shrugged off me leaving for California, but they would kill and mame if you took their community away and any of the other leaders. I take that as a proud parent, I have watched this ministry start and seek God and genuine community all the way through and the leaders are absolutely amazing. It is cool to see these young hearts and minds chase God and know that's all they need to really experience life to it's full. And the community that they have built is so healthy and encouraging.

I watched the Truman show tonight and it was a great reminder if anything. I've seen it before, but it is awesome how Truman lives in comfort, protection, and familiarity. But he wants so badly to be an explorer and live a life that is anything but mundane and he wants to experience adventure. It is truly a great film and makes you think. It pushed me again to live as a pioneer and that forceful men and women advance the kingdom of heaven. Well I'm calling it a night on the blog, I have a lot on mind and my heart, but it's not coming out tonight, I suppose,

you're the piano man.
Wallace D.

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