Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Papa's got a

I had a pretty sweet day today, nothing overly exciting, but good none the less. I got my lift on with the Gaucho this morning and then off to lunch with one of the top dogs of the MTU. We had a great talk and he taught me some good stuff but most importantly, kept me focusing on God (gottta love that accountability stuff). I got a little bit of reading in, and I can say with all confidence that AQUA CHURCH is a must read for all in ministry. Then it was off to Buffalo wild wings with the guys, what a stinkin blast. We laughed, we cried (hot wings, not sappy stuff), and even heard a funny Stevie Wonder joke (it was pretty funny). Didn't get a chance to catch up with the pink panther today though, so that was kind of a bummer (sorry to hear about the heavy heart, I got yo back bro!). Ladies and gentlemen welcome The Great Driver to the land of blogs, good to have you and always good to do life with you. With friends like these, someday there will be a party in ministry heaven (that would be a dream church with all you all), which I hope is in a not to distant future.

Well I best tuck in lil Hitler for she is calling it a night and yet I am lighting the candle for a late night read. I am convinced that Will Ferrell is a comic genious and 80's rock is on it's way back, witness the Darkness, what kind of crap band is that? Well before my mind deceives me I will close this verse of life with a James Brown classic,

Brand new bag
Wallace D.

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