Saturday, March 27, 2004

This is your life are you

What a great weekend with friends just walking through so much good stuff in life. My good friend The Driver made the wise statement that "our small group could plant a church, in fact they are being the church." Yes indeed my friend and I am so thankful for all of them and what an inspiration and a challenge in my heart to always be in the pursuit of being the church. The lady and I got to the cottage earlier than the rest of the group to catch up with The great mentors and what an enormous blessing and challenge they are in all aspects of our lives. We read together from the book, "It's not about me" by Max Lucado, it was such a learning and stretching time. Then late into the night the Driver and I read from the Aqua church (we read together, I love it!!!) about the importance of taking a Sabbath. Why do we get caught up "doing" and then we forget to stop and rest. I'd like to wrap up my time reading with you all on this subject from the book Aqua church, if you would. "Let's admit it. We're not too busy, too important, too needed, or too gifted to take a nap. We're too scared. We cannot close our eyes because we cannot bear to relinquish the little bit of control we have convinced ourselves we hold. We are terrified that in an unguarded moment we will lose all the reins of power we have so tightly grasped. It's hard for post moderns to see rest as holiness, not laziness." I have to say a giant AMEN to that one and may I revert back to that so as to never lose focus on what I am to be about and who I am to be about. If you want one of many a Jesus example, just turn to Mark 4:35 and run with it. Big day tomorrow so it's off to bed with the lady for a wrap up of our weekend to this point and just chatting.

who you want to be?
Wallace D.

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