Sunday, April 25, 2004

Giddy up aoomboppa

All in all a pretty good ministry day. There was good feedback on this morning service from people and we seemed to have a pretty good crowd of folks on hand. Real Life seemed to go pretty well, I got good feedback on the message time and the video folks put together some stinkin great videos, full of lots of craziness, their specialty. From what I have heard and what I could see, the small group time went really well. It was great to see people connecting and just diving into life with their peers, isn't that where it starts? On a physical note, my stomach has been giving me fits all day, it's a mess and it almost sent me fleeing DURING my message tonight. I paused and said this is an awkward pause, just to make it less awkward I guess, but I was debating on whether or not to dash to the bathroom. I made it through the rest of the message, I guess there is grace in that?

Tomorrow is a big gym day, programming, and then getting ready for the greatest show on earth, that's right the Fuelers come to life. I love Mondays because I never know what is going to happen, but you know God is going to move and these students are going to floor me. Time to catch up with the lady and gets some sleep I suppose.

aoomboppa mow mow
Wallace D.

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