Saturday, April 24, 2004

You got to know

What a very full day today, it didn't stand still until now and now I have to finish up some letter writing. Went to the zoo with Fuelers, yea it's not to tuff to figure out we had an incredible time. Now out of all the crazy animals the Detroit zoo has what is it our students get enamored by... yep a peacock. They couldn't get enough of the peacocks walking around and spreading their feathers. I'm sure a good deal of it had to do with that they found out that when they feather up they are telling others they're ready to "get busy," yea that's a j-high keeper right there. This group absolutely amazes me with how they mimick the penguin. Penguins follow the leader, they don't know where they are going they just follow the leader, interesting fact I thought, and oh how it describes this group. They are a community that doesn't care who is out in front, as long as they are taking them towards God they'll go wherever it takes them. Too many great stories to tell about the zoo, just take my word, this group is amazing. Then it was off to a birthday party for Hershey and Debbie's little girl who is now three. Most of the "gang" was there and it was a picture of the american dream, back yard bbq, clown for the kids, and great people hanging and doing life. What a great time with great stinkin people, I love just sharing life with these people, it had the making of several small groups right out of this gathering.

Then Gandalf and Jackie O stopped by for some coffee and chatting, which always leads to a lot of absorbing their knowledge and heart, which is a huge blessing in the lady and I's lives. Then as we're hanging with them the pink panther, Swiss, and the fam came over and hung out. That's like a weeks worth of awesomeness in one day, it was a freakin riot, but it's got me ready to crash already and it's not quite midnight, I'm getting old. Week two of evolution is tomorrow and the drama is shaping up to be hilarious for sure. We have a sweet clip from Seinfeld about finding purpose, it is one of the best episodes ever and then we finish tomorrow up with Real Life. It should be another full day for sure. Heaps of prayers going out to the diggity for the gathering tomorrow, I can't wait to see how God moves.

when to hold em, know when to fold em
Wallace D.

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