Sunday, April 04, 2004


Putting the wraps on another Sunday in the downriver. Service went pretty smoothly this morning and I was really proud of mothug for his work on the video, wow it was sweet! Talented for sure, but his heart far outshines the exterior, giddy up pal. Then we had first Sundays tonight and it was just awesome to be worshiping along side the pink panther, he sang ,I just stood in the crowd, but it's a spirit thing. We got to chat for a little while and try and catch up, but that would take a week I'm sure. The Driver is in the hurt box and I'm bummin for him, but I absolutely loved the time we shared at the conference pouring out our hearts. So many people I just don't want to be doing life without and there spread out all over the states, so what do you do?

I also went to a funeral visitation, busy day for sure, and I definitely could do without those trips, but I was glad I could be there for one of our students (her grandma passed away). I'm beginning t get my bearings back and start to recharge after just an unbelievable week of intense worship and heart wrenching messages. I love the conferences where you learn things about the structure and program stuff, but in no way does it compare to this sort of conference. It was all about the heart of a leader and what we ought to be about and Erwin McManus is plain and simply a genious. He literally had people speechless and left wondering what train hit them, yet he was so simplified and humble. Andy Stanley blew my face off during his time, and his wisdom and teachings are so amazing and just stinkin inspiring and challenging. Any way it is great to be home with the lady and it was very crazy not having her with me all week and I missed too many things to mention about her (sure say that so I don't mention them, how romantic, yea well back off). Sorry a small conversation with the reader in my head, guess it's time to shut it down. I'm going to plug back into reading and opening up that heart of mine again.

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