Tuesday, April 06, 2004

If I'm out of my mind

Come on now, let's chitty on the Tuesday garb. Played catch up with the e-mails because the internet was down all yesterday and this morning, and did some drama shopping for the Evolution series. That is mind numbing, just sifting through dramas and reading some good, some bad, and some from another planet, I gather. Of course did the 24 catch up with the crew, the Gaucho, The oak tree and Star, SW1, mothug, and some yutes. Tomorrow brings us to a leader meeting night where we've got some devotional stuff and some basic run down of Evolution and the exit to Cali.

We programmed as well for a few hours this afternoon, chatted youth ministry, the Gaucho and I reminiced about how sweet Fuel is and let the world know that they are on the move, so it's move or get caught in the ripple of the movement. Listened to another break out session from the conference last week that I didn't get to sit in on. Jarrett Stevens, the pastor of Axis from Willow Creek, laid out all the sweet knowledge and it was stinkin great. Dealt with culture and teaching into culture and it was just really good and I will sound stupid trying to say anymore other than, please don't miss this conference next year. And you can get 8 of the messages, 4 main, and 4 break outs, online from the 268 web site (it is more than worth the $25, yea that's dirt cheap). Have to get organized for our bunny hunt this Sunday for Real Life and Fuel as well as finish up details for leader meeting and more drama stuff.

I'm finding myself learning heaps lately from the Old Testament and I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I have to laugh at some of the stories. They are better than the wildest movies, be it comedy or action adventure. Of course there is that whole spiritual stuff, jeez you always have to throw that one in. The prettier half of Jerica is in the hurt box so the prayers go out to them and my younger brother is having lots of problems following his reconstructive surgery to his knee. He has an infection that is creepig up his leg and had to go to emergency this afternoon, only he could run into this junk. Prayers all around tonight as I run to the reading and relaxing part of the night. A huge shout out to the diggity for his wisdom and his years of mentoring and more importantly his never ending friendship that inspires daily. Thanks bro, you always are crafting in me fresh life and knowledge.

it's you, you
Wallace D.

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