Monday, May 03, 2004

Hold on to

It felt good to get back to the gym this morning and pound on the weights with the Gaucho. We had our typical chat and lift and J-town came in and got some workout on as well. Then off to programming which seemed to just steam roll along and we had more ideas than minutes in a service. Makes me think, too bad there is a limit on time when it comes to our services (Flat rock high has to shut us down, that's why). Then we get to Fuel, which might be one small reason why it seems to motor along, we don't really have a time on how things go. Tonight was just kind of different, in a good way, we just watched the night take its own form. When we got to the music part of the night it drifted into leaders sharing what the songs meant in their lives and how it leads them to worship, not that the song in itself is worship. That kind of drifted into the "message time" I guess you would call it, but it was more exploring the way God loves us and is just waiting for us to return the love with our lives. Fuel is something that no matter how hard I try, I cannot explain and that is a great thing, because there is no explaining how God moves and washes over people.

The pink panther and I chatted for a while about the idea of spiritual freedom and how it ties into spiritual gifts, it just has me dreaming into what is to come. My mind is adrift in a cool way and I feel my soul searching for truth and how God will wire the upcoming adventure at the Ridge church. I have such an anticipation and excitement, like I did when I was a kid waiting for Christmas or my first day in j-high and high school. Kind of nervous, really excited, and wondering if I know what I'm doing, I love it! Time for some reading and journaling, peace.

your freedom
Wallace D.

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