Friday, May 28, 2004

Just some good ole boys

The house that the lady and I put an offer on counter offered last night, so we should find out this morning whether or not we will get it (we're pretty excited, it's our first house). Then Oscar (Kaleb, he was in my small group when I lived out here previously and now he's coming on as a leader in the upcoming j-high ministry) and I took a couple of j-highers, wolverine and bond, to a River cats(AAA club for Oakland A's) baseball game last night. It was an interesting night to say the least, before we even got to the game we nearly hit a homeless man, saw a man picking up a hooker, and stood behind a couple of ladies that... really liked each other let's say (that was all before we made it to the game I remind you). I think it's safe to say that bond is going to spend a lot of time pulling shoe out of his mouth, he tends to freely speak everything and I mean everything on his mind (and he does that at a high volume). Before the game we grabbed some eats at In-n-Out burger where Oscar and I were talking to a few high schoolers and one was telling us that he works at Michael's arts and crafts store, to which Bond says loudly, "that is such a homo store!" The high schooler stood and stared at Bond for a minute wondering if he really said it, which was confirmed with "why do you work at a homo store like that?" That was one of many teaching moments Oscar and I got to share with Bond throughout the night, I'll leave it at that one, based on the others being a bit more colorful and disturbing. It was actually a really cool night and it gave Oscar and myself a great snap shot into what the world of a middle schooler looks like out here. Wolverine is an awesome kid who is extremely excited to be apart of The Ridge and he also moved here from Michigan of all places, hence the nick name. Oscar had some really awesome thoughts on his view of the church and how to best reach out to the yutes (I'm so proud of this guy and look so forward to sharing in ministry with him).

It felt great to just get out and start hanging with some of the yutes and getting to know them and all their wonderful idiosyncrasies. I'm off to the gym and then hopefully to the signing of the lady and I's new house.

never meaning no harm
Wallace D.

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