Saturday, May 29, 2004

This double vision

Well we got a counter offer from the house we are attempting to buy, but it was a little high so we counter offfered their counter offer, how's that? We'll see what tomorrow has to bring I guess and keep on praying that God will place us where He wants us to call home. Other than that we had a staff meeting to finalize things for this Sunday and also to put some things in place for where we are heading this summer. I'm starting to put some things down on paper for the yutes, but at this point we are taking it inches at a time, so it's all up for grabs.

Some fun things I've been doing is looking for English bulldogs, I got the lady's permission (if you're married you know it goes that way no matter how tough you think you are), so it's on to find one that is less than a small fortune (their freakin expensive). I'm also shopping around for a Vespa, an alternative to the minivan, which could very well call it a life at anytime. Being that I could drive this thing at least ten months out of a year, and the lady gave me permission to look around at these as well. I'm feeling good about placing "Fearless Faith" in the library, it has been very challenging and more than that it has been very insightful for everyday life. So look for that to come up soon as well as color changes, because I'm bored and I need something a little more uplifting in color. I've got two graduation parties to hit tomorrow (L-train and Nate Welch) so that ought to give me an opportunity to mingle with some yutes (a name will be coming for Nate for sure). I'll hit the gym in the tomorrow in the am and then off to starbuck's for some reading, until then.

I've been seeing is finally clear
Wallace D.

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