Monday, May 31, 2004


We had an awesome morning at the Ridge, we had a great turn out and there was a great energy to the morning. Good ol PT did an incredible job with the discussion this morning and it was just one of those messages I would love to frame, if that was possible. He was calling the Ridge to be an outward church, to be a movement that is always reaching outward to the community not so that we are known by the community, but so that the community knows our Saviour. It was motivating, challenging, and full of love and boldness.

Grabbed some grub at a Mongolian bbq, not a BD's, but it was still pretty darn good and a whole lot cheaper than BD's, that was a huge bonus. Grabbed a little rest time before heading to a few grad parties, which were a great time of getting to know new folks and catching up with friends from the past. Nate W. and I had a blast just chatting life and goofing around, which is always an adventure. He is an amazing guy and he is someone that has just an incredible mark on his life to move an entire generation with the love of God. Caught up with the pink panther for a bit, I'm missing the panther family really bad, but I'm doing my best to pray through my separation anxiety. I got to chat with SW1 for a bit as well and that was awesome as too, I'm missing him terribly as well, you are my hero SW1, keep being dangerous for Him.

Not sure what tomorrow looks like yet, I volunteered to help someone move, so that might happen, otherwise I'm hoping for a bit of a study day. I'll be speaking this upcoming Sunday morning, so I'm trying to be in a listening mode. The lady and I are going to head up to her grandma's condo in Lake Tahoe for a day or two this week, so I can't imagine there are too many places better than that to do some thinking, dreaming, and listening. I'm starting to get some strong feelings about where we might be heading with some of the student movement, so I'm hoping for some quiet time meditating on that and scanning my journal to work through some feelings. I'm definitely feeling so blessed by God at this season of my life and I'm lost in how awesome God has given me my amazing wife and such a humbling job of shepherding these young folk out here in beautiful California. Have a great Memorial day and take a moment to pray for our veterans and those who have provided us the opportunity to live freely in this great country.

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