Sunday, May 30, 2004

Mine as well

Whew, what a busy couple days! The lady and I got the house and for less than we had hoped, so that is very exciting!! I don't have any details of when we can get into it or anything like that, but it's just great to know we will have a place to call home here in Cali. Hit the gym yesterday and Nate's graduation party, his family and friends (me included) are so proud of this guy and he is such a great testimony to living large and dangerous for God. I have two more parties to hit today, but hopefully I can get a quick nap in after church, so I'm not a dragging old man tonight.

I went golfing to start the day off yesterday and well... I suck at golf and it's a stupid game (because I suck and's just stupid). I don't mind playing if it's for fun and people don't mind if you suck, but one of the guys was getting irritated with me because "you're supposed to hit the ball straight," he was some big shooter with dollars so he just golfs all week for business any how. I best get ready to head up to church this morning, so I'll get back to it after the weekend is complete, peace.

Wallace D.

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