Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Bad boys are back

We celebrated Aubrie's 15th birthday with the whole gang last night and the boys and I (Clyde, Mike Mills, PT and Mark Welch) watched the pistons put it together in time to take out the hoosier folk. Now it's time for the Wallace boys to play hack a shaq and the sex gate scandal fella (allegedly). We had an awesome staff time yesterday as we spent most of our time laying out our summer and brainstorming ways to weave ourselves into the community. And we were throwing around ideas of where and how we can do Sunday outside and all over the place. We are going to have a Hawaiian grill out June 13th which should be a good time and we are going to be doing some really cool things at a number of different apartment complexes around the area.

I'm going to be hitting starbucks for some drinkage and study time here in a few minutes and then we will be heading to the CMA's national conference in down town Sac. Good ole Erwin McManus is speaking tonight and tomorrow night, so I'm looking forward to that kick in the pants. Anne Graham Lotz (spelling probably sucks, oh well) is speaking tomorrow morning as well so I'm looking forward to that too. After Erwin wraps up tonight we are hitting Joe's crab shack for some good freakin seafood and download time.

Here's to Ross Perot sneaking into the big dance late again and taking the prize this time,
Wallace D.

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