Friday, October 01, 2004

The feeling of a

The lady and I are chillin at Panera, not just my job but a great place to hang and play on the world wide web. I am really enjoying working there and it is great meeting new people from all walks of life. The lady and I and are also enjoying the "home" of Watermark as we are making a new family that feels just right. We had dinner with the Gooch and his bride last night, while their juniors played all around us. It was awesome, although I tend to talk too much, we still know we have made some great new friends and look forward to hanging out some more.

Watermark will be taking on some big risks in the coming weeks and it is really cool to see God moving amongst his people and being apart of a faith-risk team that is seeking His face. But as the Gooch's wife and my lady seem to think, "we just get to screw off with our friends and then call that staff meetings and work." That could be true as well, but we find ways to get work done as well.

The Pink Panther and I are still dreaming and always walking through life together via the chirp of the phone. We are working on finding some face to face time for goofing and dreaming with our families, and I'm sure it'll lean towards the goofing side an awful lot. So as my life has changed, it has stayed the same, great friends, being stretched, and enjoying the journey with my lady. I think that is a Visa priceless commercial, or maybe it COULD be. Off to watch 13 on your sidelines to see how my Eagles fared against the rival Wildcats of Jenison.

new/old HOME
Wallace D.

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