Thursday, September 23, 2004

Referees are

Well, we played our first football game yesterday (N8 and I coach 7th grade at Lakeshore middle school), and it was a heartbreaker. We scored with about a minute and a half left in the game to go up 20-18, but they drove to our two yard line as time seemed to expire. But those wonderful refs put a second back on the clock and gave them (Mona Shores) another play in which they scored and we lost 24-20. I was heart broken for the guys because they had played their butts off and really deserved the win. I was also a wee bit pissed because losing sucks and don't give me the "but it builds character crap speech." (Relax I'm not angry at you it's the dumb sayings that are true so I hate them).

I've gotten my first few days in at Panera and it has been a whole lot of learning and a really great experience. I've met some great people and it is really cool to see the way the business is run and how Panera is very intentional with the community and service. They want it to be fun, respected, and people focused (and bread driven).

We've got the oak tree and his bride coming in to hang with the lady and I this weekend, so that should be awesome. I'm sure it will be great for them to get away for a weekend and experience the west side of the state for a change. It's always such an awesome time of hanging and chatting up life, as well as taking in some 24 too!

I'm also reading the book, "The search to belong," and I'm diggin it.

Evil traitors
Wallace D.

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