Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Accidently in

Life has been cruising along at a pretty fast pace, but it has been great to say the least. There are no words to describe how much I love Grand Haven and being apart of Watermark, it is an amazing community of people. We had an incredible weekend with Cession up at Grace youth camp and Moto is growing and moving at a very scary pace. I felt serious excitement and yet very overwhelmed at how the middle schoolers are dancing all over the design center each week and it has only just begun. When God moves the best thing to do is prepare for flight and do your best to stay out of the way (I'm trying my best, the prepared part is where I need to up the ante).

Not much else to say, but that I am extremely thankful for all that has been given to me with an amazing wife, the best of friends, and a church that is humbly moving with the love of Christ. I will also say that I have loved having some of those great friends come and visit from the east side and I am hoping that we will find more time with them all.

Wallace D.

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