Friday, October 29, 2004

Once again we have

With it almost being Halloween I can't resist chatting a bit about this unique holiday. As a kid growing up halloween was one of my favorite days of the year. I would gear up with my mom and brothers and we would hit the neighborhood for some family feasting on candy. Of course my brothers and I would have a competition who could get the most candy and the best (the name brand stuff) candy, not the plastic bags of crap candy or apples (what are you a dentist?). As a grown up I have looked for opportunitties to go out with kids (relatives, friends kids, give me a kid)just so I can get some candy while of course helping them get theirs.

This takes me to the christian subculture that says halloween is evil and we should boycott it and let all know that we are against it. Well congratulations, you have successfully separated yourself from a day in which people will willingly open their doors to strangers and GIVE them candy that THEY themselves have purchased. What other day of the year are people willing to open their doors to anyone who knocks and then give something to them while getting nothing in return but a thank you? I had no idea that halloween had anything to do with satan UNTIl I started hanging around church folk who SAID it was evil. I always remembered it as a day with my family and dressing up goofy or scary to go out and get FREE CANDY, what was I thinking? I couldn't see the demonic in saying "trick or treat," and being smiled at and complimented on a great costume by someone I don't know, and then they give me candy. It's funny because I thought that was called being generous and joyful, but oh how I have missed the obvious evil in that. Good thing we started hiding in the church basement and got away from these weirdos who smile and give us free candy, we wouldn't want to start a new friendship or get to know these "evil" people better. Well I better get going, I have to finish making my Moses costume and then take some pepto bismal before eating Mrs. DeVries' halloween pudding she makes every year for us church basement dwellers.

missed the point
Wallace D.

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