Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ho Ho

Well the lady and I spent this past weekend on the east side of the pond and had an amazing time with the Panther clan, as well as the gang we did life together with for our time in the downriver. We had such a blast doing the BIG dinner at the Carter's Sunday afternoon laughing, story telling, and flat out being the church. I had the opportunity and privilege to teach at Element, a college/singles/twenty-something group, and it was a great time. It is as it should be, people gathering together and worshiping God unashamedly and making it about nothing else. I also did some motivational santa on Sunday morning at Metro, which was a lot of fun and seemed to be really enjoyed by the folks there. The message of the morning was "What would Jesus say to Santa?," which you think would be, "I love you and let's move on to the good news of My relationship you are invited into with My birth", but... well no comment. I will say, thank you God for an amazing community of people here at Watermark and to those that are "with us in spirit" that are always moving towards "Being the church, making disciples." Life is good and to have such incredible friendships is such an awesome blessing in my life.

uh oh?
Wallace D.

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