Thursday, December 23, 2004

Silent Night

Started the day with some Christmas returns and final pick ups and then it was time for a bagel and coffee before I locked into work (Panera). The day flew by from there, came home and chilled out a bit, chatted with the panther, and then off to some friends for dinner and hanging. All in all it was just a solid day and again wrapped in great friendships. So here's the deal, the lady and I made a pact that we wouldn't buy each other Christmas presents this year, one because of the money thing, but more because we would rather be able to give to our family. Although, we did say we would fill each others stockings with candy and little stuff, but somewhere in our moves from the east to the west back to the not so far east we have lost our stockings and Sarah was VERY bummed. Hers was from her mom when she was a baby so it had a lot of meaning to it, so I actually think I was clever and I went and got us new stockings and had Mr.Harrison embroidered on mine and Mrs. on hers. I surprised her with them last night and my honey cried, she thought I was pretty thoughtful, it made for a very special night. It seems simple but it really meant a lot to me as well, because it starts something new for us as a family and I hope to continue it when we have some juniors runnin around. Any way I am very excited about Christmas just for the simple fact of hanging out with family and sharing stories. I'm also really excited to speak at the gatherings on January 2nd, but I definitely have a lot of study time to put in, because I just can't get my thoughts wrapped around one main take away. I'll try and unpack it a little bit as I move that way, so maybe I can get some feedback.

Holy Baby
Wallace D.

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