Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Time for a nap

Man, we had an amazing time at Spring Hill this weekend and it really stirred me up. Then the panther slid into town for some teaching time at Cession and then just hanging with the gang. We got to sit down on Monday and chat with Duerty and Nate and just conversate about life, ministry, and whatever. Moved from there to hanging with Autumn (Duerty's daughter) and her classmates for a Valentine's party kindegarten style. Next was MOTO, and that brought out the dating game, which was a lot of fun and the students seemed to have a good time with it.

Anyway all this left me thinking about a lot of stuff and has me evaluating my schedule. I need to do a better job with my time management and making sure I am not running myself into the ground. Yes it was a pretty intense weekend, but I feel it led me to examine my priorities and to move to a place of leadership in some things and to drop other things all together. I love being apart of whatever is going on and I want to be available to help out wherever it is needed, but I also feel myself slipping into an unhealthy rut (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). Schedules are not my favorite thing and organization is even worse yet, but I'm definitely not getting younger and my body and my heart are telling me to eat more candy... whoops I mean take care or beware (enter cynical laugh here). Whatever doesn't make sense you'll find it here,

or a full nights sleep
Wallace D.

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